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Hubby and I moved into our first house last April. It was a new house in a new area which meant that our house sat in a lot of dirt. Last summer our project was the front yard-we put in grass, a bush garden, and a tree. And the project this year-the backyard.

A backyard of dirt is not fun when it is raining and your dog needs to go outside to go to the bathroom.

The deck was done a couple weeks ago and the next step-the garage. The building started last night. I wouldn’t exactly call myself a builder so I did my part: I baked them some of my special chocolate chip cookies

I would share the recipe…but it’s kind of a secret recipe so… ask me, and I’ll gladly bake you a batch!

The boys worked until it started raining last night, prepping for the big Saturday build. The weather was calling for rain, but luck was on our side and it held off all day.

This morning, building started at around 9am. I wanted to contribute to the whole experience, so I went shopping for a few hours.

I left to this view

And I came home to this!

The boys did a GREAT job getting it up! It makes the backyard look completely different and I couldn’t be happier to have a garage standing in my backyard. There’s still a lot of work to do on the garage but today’s progress was awesome.

Today’s Sweetness: Remember the robin I talked about a few days ago who has made its home in our neighborhood? Well, this little robin seems to have made its home right in our backyard! Under our deck are 4 nests, in various stages of being done

Tomorrow I am off to buy a bird feeder for this sweet birdy.


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Hello world!

I thought I would take this first post as an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Torey and I am 26 years old. I am a wife, a dog owner, a baker, and a hundred other things and through this blog I hope to share some of my thoughts, recipes, and life experiences with you all. I feel that life is full enough of stressful and heavy things that it’s good to look on the lighter, sweeter side of life. Sometimes that sweet side is sleeping late in the morning, sometimes it is sunny weather, and sometimes it is a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie (okay, it’s often a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie!) 

My ultimate dream in life is to open a bakery and I figured if I want to one day do this, I should start sharing my baking with the world and let people see who I am. So I hope my posts make your mouth water and brighten your spirit! I would love to hear from any readers so feel more than welcome to leave comments!

A little more about me…

I was blessed enough to meet my best friend almost 4 years ago and we married February 2010. He is my rock, my laughter, and helps me become a better person each day.

I also have an amazingly cute chocolate lab named Humphrey

Humphrey is a challenge but he brings joy and laughter into my life daily and I can’t imagine a better dog in the world.

Humphrey, Hubby, and I moved into our very first house last spring and that has been quite the experience. Lately any sunny days are spent outside trying to finish our backyard so Humphrey has a place to play and we have a place to enjoy the evenings.

The last important thing you must know about me is a l.o.v.e. baking. I think about it constantly. I sometimes dream about it. My favorite aisle at the grocery store is the baking aisle and I am a huge sucker for any baking shows on TLC. I have a few tried and true recipes that I always fall back on, but I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous with my baking and try new things.

Yes, I really do get that happy when I pull things out from the oven.

I love the color purple and I’m a little obsessed with Justin Timberlake. And I’m a huge sucker for trashy reality tv shows (much to Hubby’s dismay).

Of course there are many other things I could tell you about myself, but I have many blog posts to do that! So I will sign off with some sweetness…

Today’s Sweetness: The radio station at work that has played YMCA, Kung Fu Fighting, and Sugar, Sugar today.

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